One and Six Chairs - Limited Edition Print



One and Six Chairs references the conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth's work, "One and Three Chairs". Kosuth's highlights the relation between language, picture and referent where as my realist painting takes this a step further by alluding to the very co-dependence of a priori is-ness (un-transcendent yet intangible) and concrete object-hood.
Representational simulation of reality thrice removed is still able to convey the concept of a chair without a real chair actually being present. The painting of a picture of a picture of a chair is still identified as a chair because of the relationship between symbol and is-ness.

This print dimensions are 24" x 16". It's matted on antique white, acid free, archival matboard and hinge mounted on 3/16" acid free foam core. The final dimensions are 32" x 22". Matting is included free!
The artwork is printed on Fine Art Velvet paper which is 100% cotton and acid free. Canon archival large format ink jet printers are used to print directly onto the Fine Art Velvet paper. Fine art velvet prints are less resistant to scratching and damage than traditional photographic prints and should be handled and displayed with care.

The work comes signed and number in an edition of 50. That means that only 50 of these will ever be printed.

The original work was purchased by the Savannah College of Art and Design for their permanent collection and is on display at the La Maison Basse in Lacoste, France.